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I am Yoko, intermarriage coordinator and consultant for non-Japanese women and Japanese men.

I am also married to a non-Japanese man and live far away from my own home.

From my own experience, international marriage makes your life a lot more exciting and interesting than staying in the same town and finding a man from your local neighborhood, if you are open to encountering a completely new environment and culture. You find something new in your daily life all the time and never get bored, although you may sometimes confront some difficulties which you do not have to in your home country. But all in all you expand your world and possibilities in your life as you go beyond your border, I believe.

After I left Japan, I came to think that Japan was such a unique and good country to live, and a lot of Japanese men were one of the nicest, as Japan accommodates both modern high-technology and unique tradition, and Japanese men are very openminded to Western culture but at the same time still have a real resolution to protect his family, when they get married.

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Yoko Winther, intermarriage coordinator and consultant

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